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Jesus - who is the same yesterday, today and forever - can take sins, iniquities and transgressions and heal the wounds and deliver us from the Spiritual effects that remain and affect our lives today.  Even after we have repented and have been forgiven of our sins, spirits, demons and inherited curses operating behind the sins of our fathers and those who transgress against us along with the memories of how we caused pain to another can still torment us.  Many times even after we have forgiven someone, pain and deep hurt can still affect us when we recall the memory.  Transformational Extensive Deliverance usually starts after repentance, forgiveness and the breaking and destroying of all ancestral, generational and cultural spirits.  This deliverance healing helps remove the things that block the flow of the Holy Spirit, so we can live more abundant lives Spirit, Soul and Body.  ​

Transformational Extensive Deliverance Heals From the Inside To the Outside. Transformational Extensive Deliverance is one of the most vital and strategically important areas of our spiritual freedom that we absolutely cannot overlook it, when we are seeking complete healing, wholeness, spiritual maturity and growth in Christ Jesus.1 Thessalonians 5:23 "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole Spirit and Soul and Body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."  While Jesus has told us how important it is to have our demons cast out, The Bible does not clearly explain the depths of spiritual and emotional wounding, but your soul can be wounded and damaged and it is equally as important, for us to receive healing for our emotional and spiritual wounds and to receive restoration within our soul, spirit and body.  Emotional and Spiritual inherited wounds are some of the most common reasons that deliverances can fail or demons seem to keep coming back and regaining inhabitation within a person. Transformational Extensive Deliverance brings a person to the point where they can receive from the Holy Spirit.  Transformational Extensive Deliverance does not bring you to the point where you forget the hurt, pain or trauma, but to a point where you can receive healing for those areas, where the Holy Spirit removes the pain, torment and the re-occurring memories and then the spirits operating behind them get cast out, In the name of Jesus.  Once you have received healing within those areas you are now able to look back upon those spiritual wounds, seeing them in a different way, because they have been healed and are no longer tormenting you and painful to touch upon. Transformational Extensive Deliverance heals your heart.  "He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted."  Luke 4:18  You have both a Natural heart (Or a physical heart) And A Spiritual heart.  Of course your natural heart Can't be broken, So here God is speaking of Your Spiritual heart.  "He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted."  Luke 4:18 A heart that has been broken and has not received healing is prone to unforgiveness, unloving spirits, resentful spirits, and all sorts of hateful feelings against others.  A broken heart that has not received the healing love of Jesus, is just like a poison to our emotional health and hinders our ability to receive the healing that God wants to bring to our wounds and hurts.  A broken heart within a person has a tendency to make that person judgmental towards others and can make their heart to become hard, have forgotten what God has done for them.  A broken heart within a person does not allow them to be whole having peace and the joy of the Lord.  God, not only wants to Heal your broken heart, but God wants to give you a new heart.  Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."  Transformational Extensive Deliverance is 99% effective and it is very disconcerting that some people, who have long standing and very difficult spiritual problems that have been tormenting them for over long periods of time, sometimes for over 10-50 years.  These people will come to our ministry and expect us to resolve their problems completely in one prayer session and they don't want us to make that prayer session too long. God can and does do that most of the time however, not always the case.  Most spiritual problems are caused by many difficult spiritual factors and in most cases never the one that people initially come to us for prayer about.  Some people have been struggling with the same problems for years, maybe even for a lifetime.  No matter what they do, they cannot seem to get rid of them.  Physical, Emotional or Mental illness, persistent bad and evil situations and circumstance, seems to follow them.  Procrastination, continually failing at whatever they try to do, bad marriages over and over again, constant money problems, relationship difficulties.  Things just haven't seemed to work out no matter what they have tried, sometimes they have gotten a brief period of rest and recovery between periods of torment or misery, they take another course, read another inspirational book, see another doctor or prayer minister, try a new therapy, move to a different city, change spouse or go on another diet.  Maybe things got better for a while, but it did not last, after a while the same old stuff reappears and they found themselves right back where they started from or even worse.  Bad things that happen to us within this life, because of sin, unresolved emotional conflicts, blind spots, false beliefs, self destructive habits and attitudes within our selves, pent up emotions, personal attachments, witchcraft and not to mention some new age practices, all help determine how physically and spiritually well or how physically and spiritually sick we are within our souls and bodies.  That is why; good, intelligent, strong, sincere people today cannot get out from under the terrible problems with which they struggle incessantly.  I want to let you know today that Jesus Is Your Healer.  Jesus is your only Savior!  Jesus is your Deliverer! Jesus is the only one that can heal a sin sick soul!  Jesus is the only one that can restore your spirit to God!  Jesus is the one that brings you up to the Mountain of God!  Jesus is the only one that can fill you with the fullness of God!  The anointing is here to bring you to Jesus and Jesus will Save you everywhere you are in need of Salvation!  Jesus will make you whole, complete and lacking nothing!  Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit Imparts the power of God to You!  Please understand that if you are or have been a New Age Practitioner, Angel worshipper, Practiced New Age Spirituality, New Age Medicine, been to a Spiritual healer, Root Worker or any type of witch, you have some serious issues that are going to require time and commitment.  Your help, just as our help cometh from the Lord God!  We do not have any special power as a human being to help you with.  It will be God's timing and there is nothing that you can do about that.  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are in control.  My role in your healing and deliverance process is nothing more than a servant of God.  I am a minister of God's Saving, Healing, Delivering Power, According to the Word of God!  In the name of Jesus!  

Test yourself to see if Transformational Extensive Deliverance might help you, What percentage of the time are you believing what God's Word says about you?  Are you still basing your self-worth on your ability to please others and what others say about you?  

Checked box = sometimes or often

Unchecked box = rarely or never

[  ]  Because of fear, I often avoid participating in certain activities.                                             [  ]  When I sense that I might experience failure, I become nervous and anxious.  

[  ]  I worry or feel a floating anxiety.                                                                                             [  ]  I am a perfectionist and procrastinate if I can't do it perfectly.

[  ]  I am compelled to justify my mistakes or make my point heard.                                            [  ]  There are certain areas where I must succeed or I become depressed.

[  ]  I become angry with people who interfere with my success or competence.                        [  ]  I  am self-critical.

[  ]  I get nervous and avoid certain people who might reject me.                                                [  ]  I am uncomfortable around those who are different from me.

[  ]  It bothers me when someone is unfriendly to me.                                                                  [  ]  I am basically shy but I try to determine what people think of me.

[  ]  Sometimes I try to impress others.                                                                                         [  ]  I am critical of others.

[  ]  I become depressed when someone criticizes me.                                                                [  ]  I don't know what motivates some people and I usually don't ask.

[  ]  I fear what God might do to me or that He will punish me.                                                     [  ]  After I fail, I worry about God's response.

[  ]  When I see someone with difficulties, I wonder what they did to deserve them.                    [  ]  When things go wrong, I tend to think that God must be punishing me.

[  ]  When I fail, I am very hard on myself.                                                                                     [  ]  I get angry when someone who is immoral or dishonest prospers.

[  ]  I tend to focus on the faults of others and want them to receive correction.                           [  ]  God seems harsh to me.

[  ]  I often think about past failures or experiences of rejection.                                                   [  ]  There is guilt, shame, anger, or fear in my past that is still painful to me.

[  ]  I seem to make the same mistakes over and over again.                                                       [  ]  There are aspects of my character that I don't believe I can ever change.

[  ]  I feel inferior, flawed or defective.                                                                                            [  ]  I am disgusted with myself.

[  ]  I feel that certain experiences have basically ruined my life.                                                   [  ]  There are aspects of my appearance that I cannot accept.

[  ]  I feel that I have lost the chance to experience a complete, wonderful life.


Fears and shame form a general backdrop and dominate your beliefs about yourself, God and others.  20-34 When you experience problems, your beliefs and decisions are still affected by fears, guilt, anger or shame from your past.  9-19 You usually walk in agreement with God's love and acceptance. 1-8 You have suppressed your emotions or are greatly deceived about yourself!  The Bible says that we were predestined before we were born, from the foundations of the earth, to have a God given destiny.  God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.  He has been busy building faith, growing incidents into our lives and stretching our faith so that we will embrace our destiny.  Our Father God orchestrates opportunities that will increase our trust in Him and equip us for His purposes and plans.  In spite of all the ways that God makes rich deposits into our lives, many times we simply choose not to take the next step into our God given destiny.  What would you say are the biggest destiny blockers in your life? 

[  ]  Guilt or shame over past failures.                                                                                           [  ]  Lack of confidence in our ability.

[  ]  Fear that we don't have what it takes.                                                                                    [  ]  Believing we don't have the time.

[  ]  Lack of ability to handle the added stress.                                                                             [  ]  Lack of focus.

[  ]  Fear of shame or humiliation.                                                                                                 [  ]  Fear of rejection.

[  ]  Lack of initiative.                                                                                                                     [  ]  Lack of ability to connect with others.

[  ]  Lack of self-control.                                                                                                                 [  ]  Lack of ambition.

[  ]  Low self-esteem or self-worth.                                                                                                [  ]  Lack of discipline or self-control.

[  ]  Death of our vision.                                                                                                                 [  ]  Disillusionment or discouragement.

Contact us if you are interested in Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry to break the power of the blockers preventing you from fulfilling your destiny.


"Lord Jesus, I Thank you for being my Lord and Savior.  Today I make you Lord over my Spirit, Soul and Body, I Thank you for the opportunity to be here today, in Your Name.  Lord, I know that I am your child and that you know everything there is to know about me.  Thank You for loving me so much.  I want to Thank you that you have brought me here today to receive your healing in those Inner and hidden areas of my life.  Lord Jesus manifest yourself and by the power of the finished work of the cross and by the power of Your Holy Spirit, You would show me that first inner area of captivity you want to heal for me today."