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It is a Miracle to get out of the Kingdom of Darkness and enter into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of God.  Through the Integrated Healing Prayer Model, you are made free from Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical problems, along with sickness and diseases brought on by evil, especially hidden evil of the devil and his demonic spirits.  The Integrated Healing Prayer Model searches, seeks out and heals!  The seeds, roots and the effects of Sin, Ancestral Sins and sins against you.  Deep hurts, broken relationships, broken hearts.  It destroys mental torment and confusion.  It destroys the effects from severe trauma and stress, disappointments, failures and hopelessness.  It destroys loneliness, despair, guilt, shame and anger.  The Integrated Healing Prayer Model restores your Soul.  Lifting Satan, Demons, demonic influence and Evil, along with all of it's effects out of your Soul and Body.  Bringing the power of God upon you revealing the deeper needs of your Soul and Body.  Once the evil spirits behind the effects of sins, iniquities and transgressions, have been exposed and driven out.  Then your Lord and Savior Jesus brings you restoration according to God's Original Design. Blessings for Your Spirit, Soul, Body Jesus came to Reconnect us to God, just like the prodigal Son was Reconnected with his Father.  Reconnect to Jesus and receive the supernatural ministry of the love, peace, joy and power of God Our Father.  You will operate more than ever in the power of God's Holy Spirit.  Bringing your anointing from the inside of you to the outside of you, for yourself and the benefit of the Kingdom of God.  You will become a demonstration of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Anointed with a fresh oil anointing of power and revelation, that will cause people to declare that surely "God is with you"  You will experience the breakthroughs that you have been praying for, that will cause you to ascend to new levels in the Lord Jesus Christ, according to the Word of God, You need this for your Overcoming Victorious Life.  If you are not experiencing the COVENANTAL promises of God, that have been promised to you through Prophecy or a Direct Word from God, YOU CAN!  The Hindering Things of Darkness can be "discerned".  CAST OUT, DESTROYED.                                                                                   


Pat Abraham

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Praising and thanking God for He is a restorer, Jehovah Rapha!
 In August 2015, I noticed a lump in my left breast. I scheduled a mammogram to verify that it was a real lump I felt, I was thinking it was just a cyst from an allergic reaction to milk protein. The mammogram, sonogram and MRI confirmed that yes, it was a cyst, but also revealed another suspicious area that was diagnosed as cancer back in 2008. From the tests results it appeared the cancer was back again, and my oncologist at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. strongly recommended a double mastectomy. Around this time in October of 2015, a sister in Christ who knew the battle I was in, called me and told me to listen to Dr. Erica and the TEDline. My friend knew I was crying out to God for clarity mentally, spiritually and physically, because I was not a stranger to attacks from the enemy against my body with sickness and disease all my life; which were becoming more intense and frequent over the years. Sometimes being told I wouldn't live to see the year out and they didn't understand why I was still alive. Once again, the Holy spirit said to me this attack on my body was Spiritual not just a physical manifestation and to truly stand like never before in faith with God's Word. I ask Him to give me clarity and show me how to walk that out. After much turmoil, many distractions and constant bombardment from mental attacks from the enemy; tired and confused, in October I agreed to a less invasive Lumpectomy. The biopsied tissue came back from the Lumpectomy and they didn't get all of the invasive tissue. So, two weeks later in November, another Lumpectomy was performed. This time the biopsy showed that 19 out of 19 squares of the tissue was positive for cancer, which was even worse than they thought. Definitely this time, a Radical Mastectomy was to be performed, regardless of what I thought. The Oncologist said I would be signing my death warrant if I did not have the surgery within the next few weeks. I cried out to God for clarity to truly hear Him and find out exactly where the attacks were coming from, because, I knew that what the doctors were recommending wasn’t the true solution and deep within my spirit, loud and clear I heard to stand in agreement with God's Word even more this time and not to waiver. I doesn’t matter what it looks like in the flesh. Just stand. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

Brenda Clifford

Integrated Healing Prayer Model  

Miracle Deliverance Healing  God's Living Power       


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JANUARY 16, 2017

Jessica Garcia

I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, an age-related bone-thinning disease, and had been taking medication for years with no sign of improvement, only further deterioration. My regular doctor even referred me to a specialist for treatment. The specialist talked about using medication with a "rare" side effect of causing bone cancer! No thanks!!! I asked Dr. Shepherd to pray for me.

God heard and answered with a healing miracle. When I went to the doctor several months later and had a bone density scan, I was told that my bone density had improved and I no longer needed to take ANY medication! Glory to God in the highest! Healing is the children's bread. Thank you, Dr. Shepherd for allowing God to use you to increase our faith and to walk in the blessings which Jesus shed His Blood so we could have.



*Pain  *High or Low Blood Pressure  *Heart Problems and Lung Disorders  *Diseases  *Drugs  *Alcohol Problems  *Pain Pill Addictions  *Pornography  *Sexual Addictions  *Sex Demons  *Inherited Sicknesses  *Curses  *Depression  *Anger  *Anxiety  *Unloving Spirits  *No Love       *Black clouds and shadows  *Ghosts (Disembodied Spirits,) Unclean  *Bound Emotions  *Fear  *Fear of Death  *Loneliness  *Diabetes  *Cancer  *Parkinson's Disease 

 My name is Windy; I have been suffering with a chronic muscular and skeleton condition from my upper and lower legs and feet for  years. In 2016 that’s when my body started to deteriorate .It was extremely hard for me to get out of bed and onto any lower surfaces. It seem like I was crippled. My body alignment was transforming into a ninety year old body. Sometime I could hear my joints rub and muscles tighten. Many of nights my feet use to curl inward.  The pain was so sharp I use to cry and groan like someone was taking a knife and stabbing me over and over right through the flesh reaching my bones. I continue this pain  in silent.  My immediately family did not know what I was going through. I keep praying day in and day out for relief. I knew one thing. The lord said that He will never leave or forsake me. I always walked by Faith and Believed God’s word. I knew my healing was coming soon! The pain was so agonizing that when I was at work I had to hold onto shelves and my little children would help me get up off of the floor. Since I am a teacher different times of the day I am on the floor teaching my children physical development activities. One of my dearest friends, Mia Robinson told me to listen to Dr. Erica on the tedline. So, I agree to listen on April 9, 2016 that’s when I began to listen and receive powerful words of knowledge and walk in the divine order of God. On July 10, 2016 Dr. Erica came to the resident of Bryan and Mia Robinson were I met Dr. Erica and listened to her minister to us. It was so breathing and energizing to know that the Holy Spirit had resided in the room. Dr. Erica continued to give everyone an insight from God. She walked over to me and said. “You have been suffering a long time for years.” I started to cry as the tears ran down my face and my heart felt warm and at peace.  She laid her hand on my right leg then took both of her hands and held my feet as she gently put them in her hands talking to me about the pain in the muscles and skeleton area.  Then she walked away and continued to minister to us. Minutes later she told me to stand up and bend up and down. I preformed the bending exercise without any pain as  Dr. Erica told me to move faster. By that time I was doing aerobics. Everyone was praying the Lord and thanking Him for my miraculous healing. Thank you Heavenly Father for my miraculous  healing! Windy Awaken to power miracles deliverance healing from God's Living Power within her!


Mia Robinson

Last winter Dr. Erica went on a ministry trip up north. She mentioned on the TED line that she would be stopping by to see another deliverance minister on her way home. I had just learned of a minister named Stan Johnson in Greensboro NC and heard he could heal people with a crooked back or a short leg. I wrote to Dr. Erica and asked if she would pray for me if she met with Stan. I have had scoliosis since I was 13 years old. Sister Erica wrote back and simply said, "God can heal your leg."
Stan Johnson died a week later. I never spoke to him but listened to several of his teachings. I felt Dr. Erica was my spiritual leader and kept praying with her on the TED line. I do not think she knew Stan. In the midst of all this praying and learning about healing, I began to believe God could heal me. One morning, I woke up and turned over in bed and my leg cracked. I got up and knew my legs were even. I knew this because my pajamas were the same length. I stopped wearing out a hole in one sock or shoe because my legs were now even. And I stopped walking with a limp. I have had chiropractor's pull on my neck, back and hip bones my whole life and never had any results. It was MY faith in God. Not Stan Johnson's faith or Dr. Erica's faith. She knew God could heal my leg and he did. She reconnected me to God. And the gift of healing is now flowing through her like never before. Praise the Lord! Last week during a Deliverance prayer Dr. Erica prayed for scoliosis (curvature of the spine). With MY faith, I claimed this healing. Again, I feel God is healing me and helping me cope with this crippling back problem. I trust that God will one day take away all my pain. I believe He is my only hope and thank Dr. Erica for teaching us that every day.

Jessica's Miracle Deliverance Healing Prayer

Gods Liviing Power Connecting 

​With Jessica by way of a

Word of Knowledge

Over Powering Cancer

Jesus Is Alive, For this purpose Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil... the Lord come, who both will bring to light the Hidden things of darkness and then shall every man have Praise of God.  1 John 3:8, 1 Corinthians 4:5. Discerning Prayer bringing to light, Uncovering, Exposing Hidden Oppression and Hidden Works of Darkness.  Then by The Power of God the Holy Spirit allowing them to be Cast Out.  The areas that were damaged and wounded now restored and healed.TED, TRANSFORMATIONAL EXTENSIVE DELIVERANCE MINISTRY 

OUR MISSION Discerning Hidden Things of Darkness, Exposing, Uncovering and Destroying them.  Dispelling Darkness, Reconnecting you to Jesus and Connecting You to God. DESTROYING THE POWER OF HIDDEN OPPRESSION AND TORMENT Within the Souls of Men and Women!  For Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, Inner-Healing from what God calls the Hidden Things In 1 Corinthians 4:5.  These are Spirits, Evil, Demons, Hindering and Obstructing the People of God Today! Enemies of God and Man Operating within The Soul and Body of Your Inner Man.  They must be "Discerned" with the Gift of "Discerning of Spirits".  You Can Be Healed Today. TED LINE Ministry, Individual, Pastoral, Personal, Group Revivals, Seminars, Homes.  You will Receive and Experience the Anointing of God in a very Real and Personal way. Transformational Blessings Within Your Spirit, Soul and Body.  Blessing Your Life forever.  Blessing you, your Spouse, Your Children, Your Family, Ministry, Business and Everything that Concerns you now and within All of Your Generations To Come! 


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Miracle Deliverance Healing Can be a Benefit  to Your Spirit, Soul and Body if you are experiencing

Disturbances In your Emotions: 

resentment, hatred, indecision, procrastination, spiritual and natural compromise, self-pity, jealousy, worry, inferiority, and insecurity.

Disturbances in your Mind:  mental torment, doubt and unbelief, rationalization, reasoning, loss of memory, hearing strange voices and images.

Speech Problems:  uncontrolled thoughts that cause uncontrolled uses of your tongue, lying, cursing, blasphemy, criticism, gossiping.

Sexual Problems:  recurring unclean thoughts and acts regarding sex, fantasies, masturbation, sex demons, incubus and succubus, lust, perversion, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, incest, harlotry, pedophile.

Addictions:  Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs, Medicines, Caffeine, Food and Sugar.

Physical Infirmities:  Sickness and Diseases due to Spirits of Infirmity, Luke 13:11

Why Should you die before your time?  Hidden Oppression, Hidden works of Darkness are Killing you?

Since God is light and "His" first act in creation was to dispel darkness.  Understandably, darkness became a symbol of sin and evil. 

Living in sin is walking in darkness, and a person controlled by sin is under the influence of the powers of darkness. 

The hour of Jesus' trial and crucifixion was the hour when darkness ruled. Jesus came as the light of the world to release people from darkness; those of us who believe in Jesus must put off the deeds and works of darkness and become lights in this dark world. 

Sin is sin, evil is evil, demon power is the evil power that fulfills that desires of the devil whether it is found within the Spirit, Soul or Body

of an individual or gaining collective dominance and power within a group of people.  It all must be dealt with the same way. 

Eradicated, Dispelled, Removed, Cast Out,

In Jesus Name!

We Pray Deliverance Healing For You!

If you Are Sick in Body?  God Will Heal you!

If you are Poor in Spirit?  God will Restore you!

Are you Experiencing Financial Hardships?  God Will Deliver you!

Healing Home Ministry, Erica Joseph Shepherd, Anointed and Seasoned Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A provoking Revivalist, Evangelist with a Prophet's Mantle.  She is a Teacher of the Word of God, Operating in the Gifts of God, as the Holy Spirit wills."Erica" has favor with God in Special Miracles Deliverance, Healing, Exorcism and Inner-healing ministry. Transformational Extensive Deliverance Ministry. In the name of Jesus many whose problems have been written off have found Healing and freedom.  Those under demonic attack have been Set-Free as she ministers Spiritual Freedom.  Erica is deeply involved in teaching, training mission to the Mission Field of the USA. The "Good News" that I am here to share with you today is; Jesus cam to Reconnect you with God our Father,

Just like the prodigal son was reconnected with his father. The Spiritual and natural reconnecting and connecting of men and women to God, is a ministry of the Love of God and a mandate of the reconciliation ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. God's Holy Spirit has been given to the Body of Christ dispensing and empowering the ministry of Jesus to all those who will say yes to the call.

Disconnecting you from

Darkness-Reconnecting you to Jesus-Connecting

You to

The Living God of Power and Might !


You need this Ministry if:

Any type of Witchcraft is or

Ever has been in Your Family or Family line.

If You have been involved with any New Age, Black Magic, White Magic, Psychic, Mind Control, False Religions, Cults, or if you feel That someone or something Other than yourself is within you!

You have suffered severe loss or Bankruptcy.

You have had an Abortion.

If you have participated in or believe that Someone has worked on You!

Any Type of Witchcraft Roots, Hoodoo, Santeria, Obeah, Voodoo, Demonic Targeting, Household or Bible Witchcraft, Spiritual Witchcraft,

Inherited Witchcraft Curses,

Cultural Witchcraft,

Unexplainable Sickness, Diseases.