So, near the end of November 2015, I walked away from that appointment with the doctors saying I was condemning myself to death. God had another plan, the Holy Spirit stepped into the picture in a mighty way. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the power of a living God, faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ the Word became even more alive in my life. Father God gets all the Praise, and all of the Glory!!! The vessel he used to bring his intentions and blessing into my situation were the teaching and prayers through the TEDline. Well, listening in on the TEDline was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like nourishment and food to my Soul and Spirit. My spirit was feasting on the Word of God being taught. Dr Erica started praying with me and hearing from God on my behalf like I had never heard of or experienced before. Through the Holy spirit, she found new ways to pray and minister through her Integrated healing model and wholeness to my body thereby thwarting the attacks and strongholds from the enemy.
In July, Dr. Erica started the 40 day fast led by the Holy Spirit, she tackled every area the enemy was wreaking havoc in ways like never before. The Holy Spirit told me to only fast sleeping (get up in the mornings and not sleep in) in due to chronic fatigue which caused excessive fatigue and tiredness in the mornings, so that the healing wouldn't be about what I did or didn't eat.  The Holy spirit led me to transfer my case to John’s Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore and another round of a mammogram, sonogram, ultrasound and MRI were performed. The results were the same. Two weeks later a MRI Guided Biopsy was performed. The Radiologist called on a Saturday (which was her day off) to let me know that she didn't quite understand, but the biopsy results showed no signs of cancer in both areas. A week later my Oncologist, confirmed that he didn't know what had happened but there was no cancer found. Also, my Primary Care doctor has just confirmed that the numbers have severely dropped on the four types of Lyme disease diagnosed over ten years ago, in which the few treatments offered have not worked. Hallelujah, Praise God!!! Study God’s Word for yourself and trust in HIS promises so that He can show you His love and faithfulness, that will build you up, renew your strength and make you rich in Him for He is our peace and our rock. Faith is not just believing that God is able, but believing that He WILL do it for us. Never let the enemy get you over into doubt and unbelief under any circumstances.  Father God is not a respecter of persons. What he did for me, he will do for you if you will just stand, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.PROVERBS 4:20-22: “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my SAYINGS. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep THEM in the midst of thine heart. For THEY are LIFE unto those that find THEM, and HEALTH to all their flesh.”



Jessica and Steve Garcia Obtained Victory Over

Death by the name of Cancer

By the name that is over Every  name


​Jesus Love Healed Me Today



Paul suffered extensive injury after having been struck run into by a fork lift on his job!  Prostate problems, neck cramping pains, inability to eat eggs and the spirit of fear, none of these were two hard for God through Dr. Erica Joseph Shepherd’s Integrated Healing Prayer Model.  Prior to participating in the Ted Line (Transformational Extensive Deliverance) I had been oppressed by the illnesses mention above.  My prostate symptoms were slow urinating and other complications that come with an enlarge prostate without the assistance of medication.  Because of a ruptured dish in my neck I had been experiencing cramping pains automatically if I was not on my medication and even sometimes while on medication.  I had not eaten eggs in twelve years once I realized I was allergic to them.  Eating eggs would cause me to not be able to breathe through my nostrils, a itching throat and a itching inside the center of my back that couldn’t be scratched or soothe.  Finally the spirit of fear was one that was not easily recognized.  I had concerns that would bother me of the future of myself, my family, my parents and my siblings. Dr. Shepherd proclaim a forty-day deliverance fast for more power from God.  The Healing for the prostate problems and allergic reaction to eggs came during this fast. Being on the Ted Line regularly and receiving prayer and deliverances from hidden works of darkness had blessed me to be deliver from the neck cramping pains and the spirit of fear.  To be reconnected to Jesus and Jesus connecting me to God gives me the confidence, the encouragement, the peace, and the boldness I need to do the will of God.


 God's Living Power

Jessica with Their Children 


Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries












       Andrew’s Testimony

My name is Andrew I was born premature. I weighed two pounds. I died three times in the hospital. The medical staff brought me back to life by resuscitation. I had emergency surgery in the hospital when I was less than three weeks old. My intestines had fell through a little hold in my stomach. The doctors had to take all of my intestines that was in strapped and push them back into my stomach. The doctors could only perform this surgery with their finger because surgery tools could have ripped my intestines and I would have died instantly. For nineteen years I had intestine problems and could not stool properly and it was extremely difficult, with a little part of my intestines that was bended, painful and a lot of stomach blotting. In July I went to the house of Bryan and Mia Robinson and Dr. Erica was there and she prayed over me as she put her hand on my stomach the same place where I had surgery nineteen years ago.  And I was healed of all intestinal problems that day after nineteen years. Glory be to God!

Mrs Mary and Mr Alberto Ysaguirre

Jessica's Mother and Father

Both of Jessica's Daughters received Deliverance Healing Miracles


Stephanie                                       Paul

Mr Alberto Received A Deliverance Miracle by way of Word of Knowledge Healed

            Instantly of  Parkinson's

Jessica Garcia's Deliverance Miracle Christmas Gift from God     Ministered by A  Word of Knowledge a Gift of God's Holy Spirit 

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